Boosting Request for Quotation (RFQ) process

50% of procurement organizations use Excel for data analysis. It is time con-suming and ineffective. (LevaData, AI and predictive analytics provider, 2019) AgreeDeal makes it fast and easy to leap forward boosting your RFQ process.

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With AgreeDeal

  • Get your access to AgreeDeal and start using it in 5 min
  • Create online request form and send a link to all suppliers
  • Suppliers fill the online form and submit it with one click
  • AgreeDeal does the merging and analysing for you

The usual

  • Prepare and send out an excel sheet with quotes to fill in
  • Wait for suppliers to fill the excel file by adjusting it to their offers and send it back to you
  • Spend hours merging the files together and analysing them
  • Make a purchase decision

Focus on what matters

Create requests involving multiple products with their technical specifications, quantities and requirements for quotes. Specification forms can be reused later.

Suppliers can easily fill the RFQ form by adding additional information or quotes variations without messing up the form itself

Conveniently analyse all offers in one screen, already processed. Less manual work means more accuracy and processing multiple supplier offers much faster.

Powerful tool for companies & individuals

  • AgreeDeal is a cloud-based solution, so no need to install anything. Set up and start using it in less than 5 minutes
  • Your data is kept safe from the eyes of competitors or 3rd parties.
  • We are not done yet with improving procurement. Soon we will launch additional features for managing requests, running negotiations and expand our scope to RFIs and RFPs.
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Pricing plans


  • Up to 3 buyers
  • 29 EUR / month
  • Free trial


  • 4-7 buyers
  • 49 EUR / month
  • Free trial


  • More than 8 buyers
  • 69 EUR / month
  • Free trial

No credit card required · Free for suppliers · Book a demo and start a free trial now

No credit card required · Free for suppliers · Book a demo and start a free trial now

Try it free

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